C'è una lista d'attesa per fare un tatuaggio?

Yes, there is a reservation that can be made by filling out a form in the "Reservations" section of this site, your requests will be analyzed and you will be contacted within 15 days

How much does a tattoo cost?

Our daily rate varies from a minimum of € 500 up to a maximum of € 800 for more complex projects that require the need for a long session (large projects), in this case if the work still requires more than one session (it often happens for REALISTIC tattoos) an overall total is established following a detailed estimate.

I would like to do a SMALL TATTOO, can it be done?

Sure! But it is not convenient because I only accept one project per day and I still have to maintain a minimum rate of 500 euros but ... ..
to meet your requests we organize two days a month of MINI TATTOO THE SECOND AND LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH.

are you two, three or four friends - friends - relatives - lovers and would you like to get a mini tattoo with us?

you can request a group appointment by sending me an email to spaceartattoo47@gmail.com with the subject “group tattoo” and with all your small requests.


When we talk about realistic tattoo I mean the reproduction of a figure more in line with reality, therefore we work exclusively on photos chosen by us and in high definition as the study of the details is very extensive and meticulous.

See the insight in my blog on the art of REALISM

Cos'è compreso nel prezzo del tatuaggio?
- a unique day dedicated to the materialization of a dream that you will carry on your skin for a lifetime.
- 100% vegan tattoo, respectful of the body.
- AUSL standard procedure and exclusively sterile and disposable materials
- creation of the tattoo project through image psychology
- uniqueness of the design, created just for you, which I will not reproduce on anyone else
- everything you need for the healing of the tattoo
- post tattoo assistance
Fate Cover Up Tattoos?

Cover a tattoo? We tend to avoid making coverings as they greatly limit the freedom of expression of the work but sometimes they can be feasible. The conditions for a cover are to perform a tattoo larger than the old one at least four / five times more (but we evaluate this well following a consultation) as regards costs, the covers suffer an increase of 20% at the normal price due to the consequent design difficulty.

It is important to underline that small-sized covers with light colors cannot be made!

A tip for cover ups is to evaluate well when you want to get a tattoo and contact professionals who know how to recommend the right tattoo for you!



Each tattoo is a work of art that you carry with you forever and must have an individual importance that for others can be trivial, well for us all tattoos have absolute importance and meaning!

You can skip the line for an additional € 200 (this way you can book your tattoo in advance)

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