Our Studio

A meeting place between different styles, an expression of the two artists Alessio & Simona: a space in which Art and Creativity join the requests of our customers, impressing themselves on their skin, but not only!

Simona is a tattoo artist, graphic designer and designer, expert in Realistic Tattoos, Chicano art, drawn directly on skin, and watercolor styles.

Alessio is a contemporary artist expert in mural painting, landscape painting, portraiture, graphics and drawing, but above all surrealism, he is also an expert tattoo artist in realistic Tattoo.

Our studio is an art gallery where works invade every space: we create Tattoos and Piercings, but also body art, paintings and drawings on canvas, walls and fabrics.

How we work?

The customer is important to us: each project we carry out is unique and customized starting from the customer's requests. The environment in which we operate is spacious and we guarantee its total safety, following the AUSL hygiene protocol.

For projects we tend to listen to the customer: we don't ask for reference images, but we want to know their stories and their emotions. Based on these face-to-face consultations, where we attach great importance to what we are told, we begin with the realization of the project: the great empathy we put into listening to your projects allows us to enhance your emotions in the best possible way! The realization of the actual drawing takes place in various ways, based on the subject to be reproduced: one example among many, was the realization of a Mexican Calavera, for which we took steps to call two models, put on make-up, photograph them and from there, create the projects to be proposed to the client, in such a way that everything was absolutely authentic and personal.

Come and tell us your story!We will be happy to interpret and draw your emotions and your project!

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