Semi-permanent make-up

Semi-permanent makeup is a technique that uses the tattoo to redefine the eyebrows, lips and eyes. It is in fact designed for those who have little time to devote to everyday make-up. It is a treatment recommended for those who practice sports, and / or for allergy sufferers to always have a tidy face thanks to this light make-up that makes you perfect even naturally.
Being semi-permanent, however, it fades, and after a limited period (6-18 months) it will be possible to modify it, we will be free to change our look according to the fashion and morphology of the face, with the passing of the years it will always be possible to make it harmonious.
Semi-permanent make-up is used to redefine and fill in the eyebrows, enhance the look with an eyeliner and redefine the lips by redesigning the edge well and filling the mucous membrane.

Eyebrow microblading

Eyebrows powder

Eye-liner tatuato

Lip tattoo

Cristina Sabbaini

Cristina Sabbaini discovered her passion for aesthetics at the age of twenty and attended Formart in Castel Maggiore, obtaining the qualification of "technical manager" as a beautician.
During his years of studies he became very passionate about DERMOPIGMENTATION, thus deciding to also attend the two best academies in Italy and abroad on the subject, respectively the "PHIACADEMY" academy and the "ACADEMY S" academy, specializing in the practice of microblading, shaded eyebrow, graphic eyeliner, shaded eyeliner and Magic lips.

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