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Event that will last three days where you can get tattooed in our stand by our artists Alessio and Simona who will be at your disposal for realistic Black & Gray & colors, Trash-Polka / Lettering Chicano tattoos, and for any type of project you have in mind !!! !

For info and booking write to or cell and whatsapp 3337662603 or also on this site in the "BOOK NOW" section

During the event there will be shows and contests where the most beautiful tattoos will be awarded, it could be yours !!!!!

event to be held at the Pala De Andrè Ravenna

Do you want to get realistic portraits tattooed?

Attach at least one photo or two photos of the portrait you intend to reproduce.

Friday 20 September

2.00 pm: Event opening

2.00 pm: DJ Set with shows

15:30: Shows

Ore 17:15 : Seattle’s Black Coffee (Grunge)

Ore 19:00 : Contest Tattoo

20:00: DJ Set with shows

Ore 21:00 : Love & Meth (Korn Tribute Band)

11.00 pm: Closing of the event
Saturday 21 September

10:00 am: Opening of the event

Ore 14:00 : Acid Brains (Alternative Rock)

Ore 14:45 : Second Skin (Metal)

Ore 15:50 : Rising Dark

17:00: DJ Set with shows

Ore 18:30 : Contest Tattoo

Ore 21:00: Angerdome (Metal)

22:30: Dead (Trash Metal)

24:00: Closing of the event
Sunday 22 September

10:00 am: Opening of the event

Ore 13:00 : Sensimilia (Alternative Rock)

Ore 14:00 : Hernandez & Sampedro (Acoustic Folk-Rock)

Ore 15:50 : Magenta#9 (Rock)

17:00: DJ Set with shows

Ore 17:30 : Braian Dead (Trap Metal)

Ore 18:30 : Contest Tattoo

21:00: Closing of the event

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